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Dr Harsh Vardhan examines DBT supported research at TNAU

Hon’ble Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan visited Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore on (7-9-2015) to take a look at various research activities funded by the State and National Science and Technology promotion agencies such as DBT, DST etc., He said that to sustain and further increase the agricultural production under changing climatic scenario in the country, it is necessary to use modern tools and scientific innovations.

During his visit, Hon’ble Minister took an overview of TNAU’s research, education and extension activities ranging from high end basic research and cutting edge technologies including biotechnology, bioinformatics, Nano Science on one hand and technologies for sustainable agriculture on the other hand. He visited Centre for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Department. of Nano Science and Technology and Post Harvest Technology Centre.

TNAU’s research achievements as well as on-going activities in varietal development, biotechnology, horticulture, microbiology, post-harvest processing and agri-business promotion were highlighted by the scientists and students. Biotech research activities including marker assisted breeding, genetic engineering etc., were explained. Hon’ble Minister evinced keen interest and interacted with the scientists and offered valuable suggestions. He appreciated CPMB&B’s efforts in developing crop varieties adapted to water deficit conditions and also changing climatic scenario.

He also visited student’s class rooms and interacted with students from various States of the country and from Africa and got a feed back on education system in TNAU. He showed keen interest in knowing what the students are doing and how they are learning. He advised the students to work hard to achieve higher goals in their scientific career.