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DBT invites your inputs to increase the impact of the organization’s efforts to boost human resources in
biosciences and bioengineering in the country.


Department of Biotechnology is celebrating 30 years of its existence. We take this occasion to engage with public on various issues to improve our outreach. Each month, we will choose a topic and use our discussion forum to engage with you, inform you about our efforts in the area and invite your suggestions to improve and serve you better.

A better understanding of the use of this platform could help in its usage more effectively. In order to achieve this, we would like to underline the basic purpose of this platform

Basic purpose
Meant to reach out to public

Will help information exchange and sharing in an interactive manner

Encourages fresh ideas, innovative suggestions and thinking from wider sections of public

The platform is for open discussion and cannot be used for addressing individual problems, issues and grievances

Voicing of concerns at the form may not result in immediate address of the problem but will be noted for future actions.

First engagement—DBT’s Human Resource Development Opportunities to nurture excellence

DBT realized early that Quality trained manpower is crucial for success in meaningful R&D, teaching and production activities in the field of biotechnology. With this goal in mind, the department is engaged in nurturing excellence at different levels starting from school level to undergraduate, post graduate, doctoral and post doctoral level. While the ‘star college programme’ provides enhanced practical exposure, opportunities for interaction with eminent scientists, research exposure in form of minor research projects to undergraduate science students and faculty improvement programs. DBT supported post graduate teaching programme is being run at 71 premier universities/institutions in the country. DBT recognizes outstanding contributions of our scientists through awards and fellowships as well as fellowships for Indian scientists working abroad to encourage them to return to the country. The efforts through the years have been impactful in bringing about substantial outcome in the specialized bioscience human resource in the country. We would invite you to be part of the DBT team’s efforts in increasing the impact.