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  • DBT‬ Curtain raiser of global biotechnology summit on All India Radio, Indraprastha channel at 10:30 am tomorrow on 366.3 mtrs
  • Discussion on Agriculture Biotechnology coming up on AIR Delhi Rajdhani channel 666 KWZ & 450.5 mts @ 9.30 pm on 30/01/2016

  • Stories telecasted on Rajya Sabha TV

    Title/Headline of the Program : The story of Foldscope

    Schedule of Programme
    Friday 11.30 , 3pm
    Saturday 4.30 pm
    Sunday 7am, 12 noon
    Gyan Vigyan
    Saturday 11.30, 4pm
    Sunday 12.30pm
    Date of Telecast: 24/12/2015