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DBT participates in public outreach on Urja Utsav, Pune

Rapid Fire: Technological achievements showcased

  • DBT-ICT 2G-Ethanol Technology
  • Bio-refinery Platforms
  • Bio-based chemicals from the Synthetic Biology and Chemical routes
  • Algal Technology
  • Enzyme development
  • CO2 to biodiesel and high value products
  • Life Cycle Analysis of Bio-fuel technologies

Department of Biotechnology participated in showcasing various Biofuel technologies & products developed by 4 DBT Bio-energy Centers and other R&D projects supported to various Institutes, Universities across country at the Urja Utsav organized by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas at Pune.picture of Urja Utsav_Pag

On behalf of DBT, presentation was made on various initiatives in Bio-energy, achievements so far and various opportunities available for students & scientists. Also through IISc Bangalore Information Kiosks were developed for educating school children and creating awareness among farmers. The videos and film showed were very much appreciated and response was overwhelming from different communities right from students/scientists and farmers levels.

picture of Urja UtsavAt the exhibition, the Centre showcased their achievements in DBT-ICT 2G-Ethanol Technology, Bio-refinery Platforms, Bio-based chemicals from the Synthetic Biology and Chemical routes, Algal Technology, Enzyme development, CO2 to biodiesel and high value products, Life Cycle Analysis of Bio-fuel technologies.
The DBT-ICT 2G-Ethanol Technology was showcased along with engineering service partners.

The key visitors to the stall were Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Honorable Minister for State (I/C) Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Chairman and Senior officials of OMC’s, farmers, students, scientists, industry personnel’s etc. More than 3000 visitors visited the stall. The content shown was highly appreciated by all the visitors. Few queries were sought about technology readiness and its deployment. Students and farmers in particular were amazed to see the samples exhibiting waste biomass being converted into ethanol.