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DBT maps impact of industrial training programme

maping Biotech Industrial

At a glance

  • Impact assessment work on BITP launched as book
  • Book can help students in industrial careers
  • Provides one-stop information related to industry & recruitment

Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has been providing six months industrial training to M.Sc., M. Tech., BE and B Tech students under Biotech Industrial Training program (BITP) since 1993.

In order to sketch the impact of industrial training in India, Department of Biotechnology has brought out a directory called ‘Mapping Biotech Industrial Training Programme Landscape’ to enhance the awareness and to assess the effect of the Biotechnology Industrial Training Programme (BITP) as well.

This publication would be very valuable resource for present and future students looking for career options in industry.

Access to information about biotech career options and trainings is very limited. This underlines the need for a book like this. In order to cater to that need, efforts were made to compile the information at one place, so that it is user friendly and can be easily accessed by students and faculty. The book also displays contributions by biotech companies in creating industry ready manpower.

The objective of the book is to educate the students about selection process, trend analysis such as number of applicants vs. selected, universities represented, participating companies, demand vs. supply, geographical distribution of companies, sector wise, activity wise analysis, gender wise and region wise distribution of trainees.

It also highlights number of candidates trained vs. absorbed for jobs by companies along with their profiles. It involved in imparting trainees under the programme such as annual turnover, number of employees, area of activities, projects undertaken by BITP trainees, publications by trainees and extramural funding received by the companies.

The book shows that DBT’s programme is mutually beneficial for trainees and trainer companies as it provides an opportunity for students to upgrade their skills and understand the industry environment as well as companies to select their prospective manpower for suitable employment. The programme is being implemented through Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL).