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DBT launched indigenously developed Stool Management Kit

The Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Science & Technology and Earth Science, Shri Y.S. Chowdary, launched indigenously developed Faecal Incontinence Management System-‘Qora’.Qora Arida 01

Worldwide hundred million bedridden patients suffer from inadequate bowel management.Impaired bowel control and diarrhoea in bedridden patients pose significant challenges for patients and care providers alike. Patients with faecal incontinence and diarrhoea have 22 times higher odds of developing facility acquired pressure ulcers (FAPU), which increase to 37.5 times higher odds if they are also immobile. Traditional bowel mismanagement cannot even lead to an increased length of stay but also an increase in avoidable healthcare expenditure due to complications such as pressure ulcers and nosocomial infections.Qora Aeon 02

Till date only few measures are available for management of faecal incontinence and diarrhoea includes absorbent pads and adult diapers. Though these methods are not so expensive, but obviously these methods are time consuming, labour intensive, and lead to costly complications, such as incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD), facility acquired pressure ulcers (FAPU), and spread of nosocomial infections.

Indwelling balloon cuf-based faecal management systems have been shown to reduce risk of complications such as infection and skin breakdown. However, since these devices anchor on the pressure-sensitive anorectic junction, they put patients at risk of new complications, involving injury to the rectal mucosa and sphincter dysfunction.

Qora is a closed-system stool management kit that hygienically contains liquid to semi-formed stool.It reduces the risk of complications associated with traditional bowel management. The kit minimizes nursing time and effort spent on stool management. It also optimizes safety and comfort for bedridden patients suffering from impaired bowel control.It has proprietary lattice diverter conforms to rectal wall at rest and during peristalsis, diverting faecal exudates while minimizing leakage.With this it has indwelling component designed to function in patients with all kinds of sphincter tone and without inhibiting normal anorectic physiology. Qora is innovative, patient-friendly applicator minimizes exposure to effluents and contaminants during device insertion.

Device Components

  • Hygienic Device Applicator: It comes preloaded with indwelling faecal diverter.
  • Sampling, Irrigation & Withdrawal Port: For easier patient management during device use.
  • Collection Bag: Detachable and disposable, hygienically collects stool and prevents odour.

A New Standard of Care

  • It reduces instances of facility acquired pressure ulcers and spread of nosocomial infections.
  • It reduces burden on nursing staff, ensuring dignifies and compassionate patient care.
  • It ensures better patient care , reduces length of stay and improved bed turnover

Closed faecal management systems have been clinically shown to effectively prevent stool contact with skin, reducing chances of developing secondary complications that increase healthcare costs and extend the patient’s length of stay. Switching to Qora not only brings down cost of consumables, but also decreases net overall cost burden of faecal containment.

The intellectual property for the company’s core Qora technology under DBT’s ownership has been granted in key markets, including US, EU, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. As a result of its elegant and versatile design, the Qora technology has the potential to expand globally and benefit more than 100 million faecal incontinent patients each year.