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DBT IOC Centre for Advanced Bioenergy Research, Faridabad
The second Bioenergy Centre in partnership with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd was established in late 2011 which has the focus on
  • Lignocellulosic based bio-fuels
  • Algal research
  • Gas Fermentation
  • Life cycle analysis
Lignocellulosic based bio-fuels
  • Development of new and economical pre-treatment process
  • Feedstock selection/development and characterisation
  • Process optimisation for saccharification/ Fermentation and scale up
  • Bio-assisted / Chemical lignin de-polymerization and Lignin value addition
Algal research
  • Scale-up studies on algal cultivation and harvesting
Gas Fermentation
  • Syngas fermentation for biofuels
Life cycle analysis
Achievments of this Centre are:
This centre has installed and commissioned a lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol pilot plant in June 2012 under a collaborative agreement with National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA.
This multipurpose pilot plant is capable for pre-treatment operation for multiple feed (wheat straw, rice straw, bagasse, cotton stalk, woody biomass etc) under a wide range of operating conditions (designed for 25 bar and 250°C) and pre-treatment chemicals usage (acid, alkali and aqueous ammonium hydroxide).
The plant has a continuous pilot scale pre-treatment system with effective throughput rate of five kg of dry feedstock/hr and capabilities of further evaluation of pretreated biomass for conditioning, enzymatic hydrolysis, and fermentation in a batch configuration at relatively smaller volumes. Also in house designed steam explosion unit has been commissioned.
Steam explosion at IOCL Centre, Faridabad