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DBT-ICMR Collaborative effort on Maternal and Child Health Call for Proposals from Institutions in the defined areas(Last date:15/07/2016)

Call status: Open
Proposal deadline: 15th July, 2016

Call Outline

Letter of intent is invited in the following areas

  • Point of care tests for pre-symptomatic diagnosis and monitoring at risk cases of
    developing Preeclampsia
  • Good quality, affordable, highly sensitive and specific physiologic and
    biochemical/ultrasound markers for predicting adverse feto-maternal outcome
  • Identify potential targets for therapeutic agents to regulate placental function, for
    prevention and treatment of preeclampsia.
  • Development and validation of innovative m-health solutions or algorithms for risk prediction in preeclampsia which will allow timely referral.
  • Determinants of adverse outcomes in preeclampsia
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Dr. Anamika Gambhir and Dr. Reeta Rasaily
Email: and