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DBT- Indian Biological Engineering Competition (iBEC)

DBT- Indian Biological Engineering Competition (iBEC)
Congratulations to iGEM-2018 Winning teams!

DBT supported following five teams who secured medals in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM-2018) Competition held on October 24th-28th, 2018 at Boston, USA

1 Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College Mumbai
Dr. Mayuri Rege and Team
Catechewing Coli: Genetically engineered bacteria to remove the color of Paan stains. Gold
2 IISER, Kolkata
Dr. Partho Sarothi Ray and Team
Bac Man: A probiotic bacterial “Batman” to protect the citizens of Gotham from arsenic Poisoning. Gold
3 IISER, Mohali
Prof. Anand K. Bachhawat and Team
Fear Omnoe: A cat pheromone based bio-synthetic deterrent to minimize post-harvest losses caused by rat manifestation. Bronze
4 DBT-ICT, Mumbai
Dr. Shamlan and Team
Smart Soil: Enabling plants to resist diseases. Bronze
5 VIT University, Vellore
Dr. R. Siva and Team
Bye-carbonate: Engineering “Pro” chloroccus to tackle ocean Acidification. Bronze