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Inviting Concept Notes for “Coastal Agriculture: Seaweed Cultivation and Utilization” (Last date:30/09/16)

Call status: Closed
Proposal deadline:30th September, 2016

Call Outline

Marine Algae and seaweeds are high fetching commodity for coastal community. It is a livelihood for farmers who resides at the sea-shore but could not get actively engaged to produce well with improved farming and high yielding verities/ species of algae. India being a tropical country, rich with diverse species of seaweeds flooded in shallow seas and at the coasts. The eco-system being highly saline coastal areas are note suitable for agriculture crops, except for cultivation of seaweeds and mariculture activities. This involves cultivation, processing and value addition with R&D inputs. Seaweed is also the rich source for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and high value chemicals, apart from its utility in several industrial applications. Considering its abundance along the cost it provides sustainable livelihood to the coastal community through awareness building and by undertaking scientific farming through training and demonstration activities for adoption of cultivation methods and to produce quality material ultimately to meet the demand of the industry.DBT is inviting concept proposals (in the consortium mode) to be submitted for funding keeping in mind that the good quality of scientific work and improvement of productivity and quality of seaweed can be achieved. The ultimate aim of the network programme is to benefit coastal community, industries and R&D institutes engaged in seaweed research for development of quality products through improvement of seaweed species through tissue culture, post harvest technology, value addition, extraction of high value chemical and pigments, nutraceuticals, alternate bio-fertilizer etc. The concept note can be submitted by R&D organization in collaboration/ with industrial partners working in the area. The concept notes/pre-proposals (maximum of 5 pages) mentioning the background of the proposal and specific for 4-5 interventions/work likely to be undertaken may be proposed in the pre-proposals.

The concept notes/pre-proposals may be submitted by Scientists working in Universities/Research Institutes/KVKs and other registered organizations engaged in Research and extension activities along with the CVs of the proposed Investigators to Dr. S. U. Ahmed, Scientist “D”, Department of Biotechnology, Block-II, 6th-8th Floor, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on or before 30.09.2016 in the format given. A soft copy of the concept proposal/ pre-proposal may also be submitted through email ID:; ninawe.dbt@nic on or before the above mentioned date. Based on the recommendations of the screening committee constituted by DBT for reviewing the submitted concept notes/pre-proposals, the PIs of shortlisted proposals shall be asked to submit a detailed project proposal for consideration by Department of Biotechnology for financial support.

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Dr. S. U. Ahmed,
Scientist “D”, Department of Biotechnology,
Block-II, 6th-8th Floor, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi