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Centres Of Excellence and Innovation in Biotechnology

centres of excellenceThe Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has been implementing a scheme known as Centres of Excellence and Innovation in Biotechnology (CEIB). The scheme provides funding to augment and strengthen institutional research capacity for promotion of excellence in interdisciplinary science and innovation in specific areas of biotechnology. The programme is intended for institutions with a substantial investment in, and commitment to, biotechnology research. The programme provides flexible long-term support for highly innovative research (both basic and translational in nature) in biotechnology, which creates not only high-quality publications and intellectual property but also translational outputs through mid and high end innovation.

The overall aim of the CEIB programme is to establish Centres of Excellence, provide long-term support to outstanding scientists and provide institutional / departmental Programme Support. The specific goal is to enhance the innovative ability of the institutions and investigators with well-developed research programme in specific areas of biotechnology.

The following three categories of grants are provided under this programme:

Category I: Centres of Excellence (COE) in Biotechnology with a specific thematic focus, that can involve single or multiple institutions

  • The above will provide support, in part or full, research and development activities from very basic or fundamental to translational or applied in areas of health, agriculture, energy, environment, industrial biotech research etc.
Category II: Outstanding Scientist Research Programme in Biotechnology
  • Meant for providing long-term R&D support to an individual outstanding investigator of high scientific caliber with publications and / or patents record at the highest level.
  • The support is recognition of investigators for their recent performance and planned future work.
Category III: Institutional Programme Support (to both single institutional programme as well as multi-institutional programme) to the identified institution(s)/department(s) with multiple investigators in various disciplines
  • To create and strengthen research capabilities at university or institutional level for categorical research by a number of investigators from different disciplines for a joint research effort; or investigators from the same discipline who focus on a common research problem. Support is proportional to size and quality of Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral programmes.
  • To enable re-design of objectives and research programme to be inter-disciplinary and address specific weaknesses.

The DBT has already established 17 Centres of Excellence in Biotechnology.

The Centres of Excellence have been established based on scientific and technical merit and not on geographical consideration. The specific goal of these centres is to enhance the innovative ability of the institutions and investigators with well-developed research programme in specific areas of biotechnology.

In addition, 52 proposals have been funded in Programme Support mode along with 17 long-term individual R&D projects under the present scheme.