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Centre for Biodesign, THSTI, Faridabad
  • The Center for Biodesign and in-vitro Diagnostics (CBD) has been established as one of the Centers of THSTI with the mission to undertake innovation in medical technologies for affordable health care in India.
  • This center aims to transform the field by creating a novel medical technology enterprise in India for affordable health care through a “Biodesign process”, which essentially utilises inputs from clinical-care settings to innovate or improve existing designs.
  • The Centre has developed the technologies on clones for recombinant tissue transglutaminase; innovative diagnostic tool for measuring blood sugar level coupled with mobile phone technology; rapid, simple and sensitive test modules for HIV, HBV and HCV; rapid diagnosis of TB, MDR-TB & XDR-TB and recombinant human antibody library for rapid screening of antigens.
  • The technology developed on clone of recombinant human tissue transglutaminase has been successfully transferred to J. Mitra Pvt. Ltd. this year for development of tests for celiac disease.
  • An MOU was signed between THSTI and University of Turku for creation of an Indo Finnish Diagnostic Research Center.