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Call for Proposal for Starting Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma Program for Skill Development in Biotechnology(Last date:30/09/2016)

Call status: Open
Proposal deadline:30th September 2016

Call Outline

The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology is seeking proposals from Universities/Institutions for starting certificate and Diploma Program in Biotechnology for Skill Development in following areas:

(A) Medical Biotechnology:
(i) Genetic Counselling with special emphasis on Prenatal and Postnatal Diagnosis.
(ii) Molecular Diagnosis with special emphasis on Infectious Diseases, Quality Control and Assurance.
(iii) Quality Control and Testing of Recombinant Drugs/Products and Biosimilars.
(iv) Bio-Preservation, Biobanking and Downstream Applications with special emphasis on Stem Cells/Cord Blood Cells Banking and Applications.
(v) Clinical Embryology with special emphasis on Micromanipulation Techniques (IVF and ICSI).

(B) Agriculture Biotechnology:
(i) Quality Assurance and Testing of Agricultural Products with special emphasis on Recombinant Seed Testing, Tissue Culture raised Plant Materials, Dairy, Poultry and Fish Products etc.

(C) Computational Biology:
(i) Analytical Methods and Quality Assurance in DNA/Protein Sequencing.
(ii) Applications of Computational Biology: Big Data Analytics and Management with emphasis on Health Care, Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials etc.

Application Download:


Dr. Manoj Singh Rohilla
HRD Division,
Department of Biotechnology,
Ministry of Science & Technology,
Block-2, Room No. 613, CGO Complex,
Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003