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Call for Concept Notes/ Pre-Proposals under “Biotechnology Based Programme for Societal Development(Last date:15/09/2016)

Call status: close
Proposal deadline:15th September, 2016

Call Outline

Department of Biotechnology is implementing a scheme on Biotechnology Based Programme for Societal Development” with a focus on women’s empowerment. The Task Force Committee has identified a priority area “Rural Biotech Innovation and Application Centre (RBIAC)” for women. The purpose of the RBIAC is to establish Units/ Hubs under Universities/Research Institutes/KVKs and other registered organizations engaged in Research and extension activities to act as “Technology Incubators and Centres for Capacity building for women” in:

1. Health and Sanitation
2. Agriculture for livelihood generation
3. Entrepreneurial skill development

Some of the priority areas identified for RBIACs include Women sanitation, Post harvest storage technology; Backyard poultry, vermicompost, bee keeping, fisheries, floriculture, mushroom cultivation based entrepreneurial skill development; agro-technologies; farm information/ knowledge systems

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Dr. S. U. Ahmed

Scientist “D”,
Department of Biotechnology, Block-II,
6th-8th Floor, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi