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Call for Pre-proposal on “Creation of Bio-banking facility for Inherited Disorders” Under Human Genetics and Genome Analysis- UMMID

Call status: Closed
Proposal deadline:30th October 2017, Extended till 10.11.2017

Call Outline

Access to biological materials is a key prerequisite for scientific research in any medical field and in particular for research on inherited disorders, for which obtaining high-quality samples and the related clinical data remains a major hurdle. Inherited disorder bio-banks can play a pivotal role in making such materials and data available to the scientific community. Considering the high disease burden and a large number of patients, there is a tremendous need for Indian bio-banks to preserve Indian samples; to capture the great diversity of inherited disorders; to spur research into more precise diagnosis and better treatments for these diseases through the utilization of genomics as a part of a cutting-edge approach to promote health and combat disease.

With this aim, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) invites Institution based pre proposals in the area of Medical Genetics in collaboration with clinicians specifically pathologists in lead role to develop National facility on population-specific/disease specific Bio-banks for the receipt, storage and distribution of samples for basic, clinical and epidemiological medical research and for the use of future purpose to treat the affected family members.

Download Complete Call Text

Pre-Proposals may be submitted in the prescribed format (Annexure-I) clearly stating ‘Proposal against Call for Pre-Proposal on creation of Bio-banking facility under UMMID’ through an email: Instruction Manual (Annexure-II) may please be seen before submitting the proposal. Subsequently, two hard copies should also be sent to:

Dr. Vinita N. Chaudhary
Scientist ‘D’, Department of
Biotechnology, Block- 2,
Room No.816, 8th floor, CGO
Complex, Lodhi Road, New
Delhi – 110003.