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Call for Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund- Round 10 (2016-2017) (Last date: 19th Oct, 16)

Call status: Open on 24th August, 2016
Proposal deadline:19th October,2016

Call Outline

Applications are invited for joint research projects to be implemented by Indian scientists in collaboration with the Australian counterparts. The priority areas of research for Round Ten of the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund are:

  1. Disease control – tropical, lifestyle and emerging diseases
    • Countering antimicrobial resistance
    • Drugs, vaccines, immunomodulators and immunotherapeutics
  2. Medical technologies
    • Biomedical devices and implants
    • Diagnostics
Application Download:


On the Indian side, Applicants for funding should submit this completed application form Five (5) hard copies and a soft copy in a CD and one soft copy through single by e-mail) with all relevant, clearly labelled attachments to the following address:

Dr. Suraksha S. Diwan,
Scientist ‘D’, Department of Biotechnology,
Block-2, 7th Floor, Room No. 517, C.G.O. Complex,
Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110003,