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Call for proposals on ‘Forest and Conservation Biotechnology in Protected Areas’ (Extended till 30th June, 2018)

Background: Forests are the world’s greatest repository of terrestrial biomass and biodiversity. Forests serve critical ecological services, supporting the preservation of fauna and flora, and water resources. There is an increasing need to develop programme on Forest and Conservation Biotechnology in Protected areas. This programme will address research gaps in ecology, genomics and biotechnology to improve the growth and quality of forest for conservation and suggest ways for sustainable use as well as tools for mitigation of climate change impact.

Advt. for call for proposal on forest conservation

Contact for furher information:
Dr. Onkar N. Tiwari,
Scientist ‘D’, DBT, New Delhi
Email ID:;
Tel.: +91-11-24361290

Last Date of Project Submission: 15th June, 2018.
Extended till 30th June, 2018