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Call for Concept Proposal on Organ Regeneration

Last Date of Concept Proposal submission: December 26, 2017

Tissue engineering has become an established protocol for the bioengineering of living tissues using engineered scaffolds to simulate the ECM so that cells can populate the scaffold and allow for tissue regeneration. The success of tissue engineering methods has now generated strong interest in the next level of whole organ development wherein the tools of tissue engineering are integrated with engineering and process technologies, molecular biology and developmental biology to generate working organs that can have sufficient survivability to either serve as a bridge to transplant or as a replacement organ itself. This effort is a significantly multidisciplinary and ideally multi-institutional effort that brings together various complementary expertise in a mission mode with the specific goal of translating the results to clinical trials. DBT is now calling for such multi institutional and multidisciplinary concept proposals. A minimum of 3 Institutes should be involved as a team. At least one of the institutions must be a medical institution and at least one of the PIs must be a clinician. The following are candidate organs for development, although the teams may propose some other organ, provided there is a clear credible evidence for such a choice.

1. Heart
2. Liver
3. Pancreas
4. Skin
5. Bone integrated with muscle, tendon and marrow
6. Whole tooth
7. Eye

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Mode of Submission
Concept Proposals should be submitted in 3 hard copies (strictly as per the prescribed format) to following address:

Dr. Kakali Dey Dasgupta,
Scientist ‘D’, Department of Biotechnology,
Block-2, Room No.814, 8th floor,
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003

and soft copy mandatorily should be sent at