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BTISnet website and coordinator’s meeting
BTISnet website

The BTISnet website provides a central resource to all the bioinformatics centres in respect of the work done by each one of them in the area of bioinformatics.

Through this site, the BTIC provides all information such as budget release, status of submission of accounts and progress report by the BTISnet Centres.

The site provides a list of open access journals, details of the fellowships provided through the bioinformatics division like BINC, studentship and traineeship, access to online lecture portals and their links, announcements of the national bioinformatics coordinators meetings and its proceedings, bioinformatics publications from India and the bioinformatics resources like software and databases. A snapshot of the website is under.

Coordinator’s Meeting of Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISnet)

The progress of these Centres is annually reviewed and in this series the 24th Coordinator’s Meeting was organised in CIMAP, Lucknow on 3-4th Feb 2013.