Government accords approval to the
National Biotechnology Development Strategy

The National Biotechnology Development Strategy has been approved by the Government of India. The strategy is an outcome of a two-year-long nationwide consultation process with multiple stakeholders including concerned ministries, universities, research institutes, private sector, civil society, consumer groups, non-government and voluntary organizations and international bodies. The draft strategy, which was posted on the web, received over 300 comments from all sections of the society. The strategy has been finalized after careful scrutiny of these. 

 Announcing this at a Press Conference on 13th November 2007 Union Hon’ble Minister S&T and ES, Shri. Kapil Sibal said “recognizing that biotechnology is a sunrise sector which requires focused attention, the Government has accorded approval for the broad framework of this strategy and the sectors proposed therein”. The strategy, while enabling the full utilization of currently available opportunities in manufacturing and services, will lay a strong foundation for discovery and innovation, effectively utilizing novel technology platforms with potential to contribute to long term benefits in agriculture, animal productivity, human health, environmental security and sustainable industrial growth.

Release of the Strategy by Shri Kapil Sibal, Union Minister S&T and ES on 13th November, 2007

Details of the National Biotechnology Development Strategy