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Biotechnology: A theme ably highlighted at Hannover
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  • Bio-tech selected first time at world’s leading trade fair
  • India among the top 12 Biotech players in the world
  • Major producer of recombinant DNA vaccine
  • India’s Bio economy grew from US $ 530 million in 2013 to US $ 4.3 billion in 2014

Biotechnology was identified as one of the important themes at The Hannover Messe (HM) which is the world’s largest and leading trade fair for industrial technology and development.

India being granted the coveted partner country for the HM this year, the event held between 12 and 17 April 2015 was jointly launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi along and Dr Angela Merkal, Chancellor of Germany and offered an opportunity to showcase India areas of strengths.
Hon’ble Prime Minister in his address reasserted his vision to transform the country into global investment destination and manufacturing hub.

India’s Biotechnology was projected at the thematic pavilion of India highlighting India’s position among the top 12 Biotech players in the world, as a major producer of recombinant DNA vaccine, as the fourth largest area covered under genetically modified products and the growth of India’s Bio economy to US $ 4.3 billion in 2014 up from US $ 530 million in 2013. Over 350 Indian companies are engaged in Biotechnology in the country and India would become US $ 100 billion industry by 2025.

DBT stall showcased several important Government initiatives in the areas of Biotechnology, exhibiting various innovative schemes and environment, nurturing small medium entities, International cooperation with many countries especially with Germany and also Bio-products and developments with the ‘Make in India’ concept as a centralised theme.

An Indian company Perfint Healthcare Private Limited was also part of the DBT pavilion demonstrating their product Maxio. The Maxio is the robotics based tumour detection system which was developed with the support of DBT and also was recognised Technology Award by DBT in the year 2012.

A large number of people including students, scientists, educators, leaders of industries visited DBT’s pavilion and discussed about various prospects of Indian Biotechnology. DBT stall also displayed some of the important Indian products namely vaccines and drugs.

The other themes from India at the HM were automobiles, automobile components, aviation, mechanical construction and electronic systems. Being the most significant event of the technological industry worldwide, Hannover Messe is also the initiator of important investments in technology and automation. The industry deliberated on global trends such as sustainability, mobility, urbanisation and the lack of resources at the HM. With a well balanced mix of different topics, Hannover Messe focussed especially on internationality relating to the exhibitors and visitors as well as service packages.

India’s presentation at the Messe included a cultural program showcasing India’s heritage and accomplishment in technology and enterprise. The highlight of the cultural program was Yoga demonstration blended with classical and folk dance.