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BioJapan 2015 registers enthusiastic Indian presence
Rapid fire

  • India represented by DBT, BIRAC, Bharat Biotech, KBITS, C-CAMP
  • Secretary DBT deliberated on ‘The Rapid Rise of East Asia’s Bio Industry – Now and Future’
  • BioPharma was focus
  • Projection range included fundamental biotechnology, genomics, immunology, iPS and regenerative medicine research
  • BioJapan 2015 with its focus on Biopharma saw substantial enthusiasm from Indian exhibitors including scientists, Biotech startups and Indian pharmacy companies.

The Indian pavilion at the international conference represented by, Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi; BIRAC, New Delhi; C-CAMP, Bangalore; Bharat Bio-tech (P) Ltd., Bangalore and Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS), Bangalore projected India’s progress in advanced scientific research and cutting-edge technologies covering BioPharma, fundamental biotechnology, from genomics immunology to iPS and regenerative medicine research.

Secretary DBT Professor K VijayRaghavan gave an overview of the Indian BioTech scenario and emerging trends in the Indian Biotech sector and highlighted the reasons for working with India in the keynote session on “The Rapid Rise of East Asia’s Bio Industry–Now and Future”. He gave an overview of the challenges being faced by India and DBT is addressing these issues.

A three-member delegation led by Professor VijayRaghavan, participated in Exhibition and Conference at Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan from 13th to 15th May 2015. About 600 exhibitors including Scientists, Biotech Start-ups, National and MNCs took part in the event. The conference was broadly segregated into the keynote session: where in several international experts deliberated their scientific research and regulatory developments in respective country; exhibition and exhibitor’s Seminars.

Dr Alka Sharma, Director, elaborated on the mandate, mission, vision and programs being undertaken by the Department during the session on the exhibitor’s presentation. She also highlighted new initiatives being undertaken by the Department on Stem Cell research, Biodesign platforms and associated policies of Government of India.

During the visit, a meeting was also held with DBT’s international lab at AIST, Japan (DILAB@AIST) at the exhibition venue. DBT delegation as well as AIST scientists Dr. Sunil Kaul, Dr R. Wadhwa and Dr N. Yumoto attended the meeting. Discussions were held on (i) how DILAB can assist DBT participation in Bio-Japan, (ii) fixing the dates for contract signing and opening of DAILAB@RCB, India and (iii) expansion of DAILAB to DAICENTER. It was a learning experience pertaining to understanding of advanced technology platforms and biopharma regulatory scenarios of various South East Asian countries.