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DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences, Mumbai

DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences, Mumbai is a unique place that integrates basic and translational science capabilities for bioprocess development and scale up. The 10 ton/day biomass demonstration facility based on the novel DBT-ICT Lignocellulosic Ethanol Technology, the development of novel ‘Hybrid Technology’ for the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) and municipal liquid waste (MLW) and the commissioning of 1000L modular photobioreactors designed for autotrophy as well as mixotrophy growth of algae are some of the salient achievements for the centre.

This DBT-ICT Centre has entered into phase-II with continued DBT support for next 5 years till year 2018.

The centre is fully equipped with international standard facility DBT-ICT lignocellulosic ethanol technology is being demonstrated at a scale of 10 T biomass/day and an integrated pilot plant at India Glycols Limited phase has been designed and commissioned. The plant is operational since June 2015.

Other major achievements are as follow:

  • Feedstock independent technology for biomass deconstruction and fractionation developed
  • Algal laboratory at DBT-ICT CEB, Mumbai
    Algal laboratory at DBT-ICT CEB, Mumbai
  • Scalable and economical enzymatic processes developed for continuous hydrolysis of polysaccharides to generate biochemical grade sugars (glucose, arabinose, xylose), food grade glucose (< 1% other sugars) and oligosaccharides (cello oligosaacharides, xylo oligosaccharides and arabinoxylans)
  • High cell density continuous fermentation processes established for tenfold higher rates of fermentation of sugars generated from agricultural wastes the productive productivities achieved 20g/L/h
  • A proof of concept for increased depth pond for enhancing the algal biomass productivities per unit area through efficient light management has been established
  • Pseudomonas putida KT2440 as a new chassis for large-scale production of terpenes established

Three US patents, one South African patent, one Bangladesh and one Pakistan patent granted for methods for production of fermentable sugars from biomass, One US patent granted for Counter Current Fluidized Moving Bed and One South African patent granted for Fractionation of Biomass.