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Basic Research in Modern Biology—administrative mechanism
Strategy for implementation of programmes

The department has constituted a Task Force on Basic Research in Modern Biology comprising of experts from various field of life science. The Task Force guides the department in the implementation of programme, identifying thrust area in Modern Biology and generating new projects in the emerging areas. The division implements programme by various approaches mostly through individual schemes bottoms-up approach, multi-centric /network programme etc.

Monitoring and mentoring

Projects are being monitored through a well-established review process by experts. The scientific and technical progress reports of ongoing projects are evaluated through Task Force and special Expert/Review Committee. New proposal, are evaluated by a rigorous mechanism which involves presentation by the PI in the Task Force meeting. The Task Force meets twice or thrice in a year.

The department also mentors young researchers/ scientists by conducting Task Force meetings in different centres and institutes for their active participation in the meetings, and also by attaching Task Force members with them for developing proposals.


Figure showing average number of publications in peer reviewed indexed journals.

Project supported so far (2007-2012)