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Tender DescriptionTender IdDateClosing DateDoc FilePdf file
Auction Notice for disposal of old staff carBT/A.02/001/972014-03-202014-04-21 (85 KB)
Printing and Supplying of books on DBT supported PG Teaching Programme in BiotechnologyBT/A.09/004/20142015-04-102015-04-20 (186 KB)
Tender Notice for disposal of three Staff CarsBT/A.02/002/20132015-07-032015-07-24 (175 KB)
PRINTING AND SUPPLY OF THE ‘DBT HINDI GRIH PATRIKABT/A.09/004/20142015-08-072015-08-21 (216 KB)
Tender notice for Printing of Annual Report of Department of Biotechnology for the Year 2015-16BT/A.09/02/20152015-01-072016-01-29 (2 MB)
Tender for the repairing and polishing of furniture Bt/A.12/004/2016 2016-05-262016-06-03 (124 KB)
Annual comprehensive maintenance contract (ACMC) and support pack for computers, servers, lap tops, LCD projectors, printers, local area network (LAN) instalations and ups in the department of biotechnologyNo.BT/A.13/003/20162016-05-132016-06-03 (72 KB)
Notice inviting tender rate contract for purchase of split air conditioners with 5 star rating, stabilizer and other related equipment’sBT/A.18/003/20162016-05-262016-06-06 (303 KB)
Tender notice for comprehensive annual maintenance contract of air conditioners and water coolers BT/A.18/002/20162016-05-222016-06-13 (72 KB)
Tender for DBT-CTEP Management of Department of BiotechnologyBT/BI/02/058/2015 Phase III2016-06-092016-07-05 (631 KB)
Tender Invited for disposal of old vehiclesBT/A.02/002/2013 2016-09-262016-10-10 (100 KB)
Advertisement/Tender for submission of proposal/Bid for DBT- BITP programBT/HRD/31/010/20162016-11-152016-11-30 (364 KB)
Request for Proposal for Preparation of a Detailed Project Report for Technology Transfer OrganizationsBT/Coord.-I/003/05/20162017-01-192017-02-10 (85 KB)
Tender for for disposing of the unserviceable, obsolete and BER furniture itemsBT/A.16/20/2016 2017-02-222017-03-05 (874 KB)
Tender for Requirement of Digital Audio Visual Conference BT/A.12/03/20122017-03-032017-03-13 (262 KB)
Tender for Disposal of the Motor CyclesBT/A.02/003/20132017-03-012017-03-20 (177 KB)
Tender Notice for Service/Repair of Air Conditioners and Water Coolers BT/A.18/002/20162017-05-092017-06-08 (85 KB)
Tender Inviting Notice for Comprehensive Maintenance of EPABX System Busser System, Push Button, Telephone Cable Network, Cabling, Spare parts, 26 AH volt DC (12V x 3) with UPS etc. in the Department of BiotechnologyBT/A.03/001/20072017-07-032017-07-24 (502 KB)
Tender Notice for supply of outsourcing staff to Department of BiotechnologyA-12011/04/2016-Estt.2017-08-012017-08-22 (418 KB)
Notice Inviting Tender calling quotations for hiring of vehicles on monthly (Regular) basisBT/A.02/002/2015-Admin2017-09-132017-10-01 (46 KB)
Advertisement for Tender CallBT/AAQ/03/Website/20172017-09-152017-10-09 (12 KB)
Notice Inviting Tender calling quotations in Two bid system for hiring of cars in the Department of Biotechnology on day to day basis. BT/A.02/002/2015-Admin2017-09-192017-10-10 (398 KB)
Tender for supply of indoor potted plants and cut flower bunches in the DBTBT/A.16/16/20162017-10-102017-10-24 (467 KB)
Tender for Printing of Annual Report of the Department of Biotechnology for the year 2017-18 BT/A.09/001/20162017-11-232017-12-13 (52 KB)
Tender for outsourcing manpower in DBTA-12011/04/2016-Estt2018-05-252018-06-14 (11 MB)
Corrigendum: Tender for outsourcing manpower in DBT-0000-00-002018-06-14 (376 KB)
Notice for Inviting Tenders (NIT) for Re-designing, Development and Maintenance of Web Portal of Department of Biotechnology, GoI, New DelhiBT/01/DBT/DBT-website/20182018-08-062018-08-27 (351 KB)
Corrigendum-DBT WEBSITE TENDERBT/01/DBT/DBT-website/20182018-08-232018-08-27 (584 KB)
Notice for Inviting Tenders (NIT) for appointment of a Creative Communication and Media Planning Service Agency for Department of Biotechnology, GoI, New DelhiBT/01/DBT/DBT-CCMPS/20182018-09-142018-09-25 (391 KB)
Corrigendum - Creative Communication and Media Planning Service Agency for Department of Biotechnology.BT/01/DBT/DBT-website/20182018-09-202018-09-25 (291 KB)