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Patents and commercialisation

Patents Granted : 02 (during 2011-12)

Patents Filed : 14 (during 2010-12)

Commercialisation if any (in R&D funded projects year-wise 2007 -2012):
S. No. Name of Technology Brand Name of the Product
1 Detection of shrimp viruses by PCR. AMPLI-WSSV
2 Biocontrol of luminous bacteria in shrimp. LUMI-NIL-MBL
3 Immunostimulant for shrimp. AQUASTIM – MBL
4 Rapid detection of luminous Vibrio harveyi. No Name
5 Nitrifying Bioreactor Nitrifying Bioreactor
6 Detection of shrimp viruses (WSSV, MBV and HPV) by PCR. Dr. Sahul’s PCR kit
7 Herbal Immunostimulant IMMUZONE