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Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology
Broad Objectives of the Programme Area
  • Development of diagnostics and vaccines for major diseases in aquaculture
  • Development of culture technology in non-traditional species and front-line demonstrations to prove techno-economic viability of aquaculture production system
  • Improved aspects on new feed development, fish nutrition, breeding and reproduction, health and sanitation, post-harvest, value addition for enhancement of aquaculture productivity
  • Development of in vitro tissue/ cell culture system in various aquaculture species
  • Marine pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, bio-adhesives, bio-flocculent, bio-surfactants, medical implants, biopolymers, bio-plastics, Novel enzymes, Biosensors and Bioremediation
  • Fish transgenics for therapeutic and ornamentals
  • Marine extremophiles
  • Molecular biology of Indian aquaculture species, identification of useful genes for transgenesis work including genomics & proteomics studies
  • Programme support/ Centre of excellence in Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology
  • Training support in Molecular Biology for Fisheries Professionals
  • Computer Simulation model for Aquaculture system

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Scheme (Genesis of programme)

Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology programme of the department was initiated during 1988-89 to support R&D and demonstration nature projects towards development of useful products and process from the marine resources. It was also for aquaculture production and productivity increase through improved technology with the adoption of biotechnology tools and techniques. The purpose of the programme was to create visible impact in the form of creation of specialised manpower in molecular biology, infrastructure development and establishment of sophisticated R&D facilities for augmenting and expediting research. The innovations supported expected to benefit the aquatic and marine sectors and help the scientific and research community in pursuing good research priorities by putting emphasis on various sectors of Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology addressing areas viz. feed and nutrition, health, environment and productivity increase through adoption of molecular tools and techniques, aspects on marine genomics and proteomics and extremophiles. The department is also putting its efforts to establish the centres of excellence in theme based areas of Marine Biotechnology and aquaculture to boost up the sector in research and development.

Strategy for implementation of programmes

Competitive research grant process

Monitoring and mentoring

Task Force mechanism

Project Monitoring Committee

Field / Lab visits

Contact Addresses
Head of the Division

Programme Officer

Dr. Shahaj Uddin Ahmed Ph.D
Scientist ‘E’
Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science & Technology
Government of India
C.G.O Complex, Block-3, 5th Floor
Room No. 521, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Phone No.011-24364065
E-mail: shahaj[dot]ahmed[at]nic[dot]in