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Animal Production
Livestock sector plays an important role in the economy of our country. The contribution of this sector in national economy was approximately 3.9% in 2011-12. India ranks first in the world in milk production with an estimated production of 132.4 million tonnes in 2012-13. India is also third largest egg-producer in the world, over 69.7 billion eggs were produced in 2012-13.
While the majority of India’s animal products are consumed domestically, exports are also growing. India is the top global exporter of buffalo meat, and is also the fourth largest exporter of soybean meal, an important ingredient in commercial feed for farmed animals. In addition, India’s leading poultry producers are increasing sales in Asian and Middle East countries. International investment is also expanding.
However, Indian livestock production system operates mostly on traditional knowledge and on low input and output basis. There are more than 500 million livestock animal in our country whose average productivity is very-very low. Moreover, millions of farmers are depend on livestock and poultry sector as their sole or subsidiary source of income. Therefore, the Department of Biotechnology has initiated extensive biotech based R&D programme as a key to enhance the production and productivity of livestock sector in the country.
Following are the objectives of the programme
  • To enhance production and productivity of livestock sector through biotechnological interventions in nutrition, breeding, genetics and byproducts etc.
  • To provide R&D support for generation of new knowledge in the priority areas of livestock production.
  • To develop skill pool to meet R&D requirements of the sector.
  • To achieve excellence in innovation, technology generation for enhancing animal production in the country.
Inception, implementation and monitoring
Significant achievements
Task Force Members
Contact Head

Dr Arun S Ninawe,
DBT, New Delhi-110003.
Telephax: 011-24363501.

Programme Officer:
Dr. A.K.Rawat,
DBT, New Delhi-110003.
e.mail: akrawat[at]dbt[dot]nic[dot]in.
Tel: 011-24363656.