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Twinning Programme

The Twinning R&D programme for NER was initiated in 2010-2011 towards developing core competence and core capacity in different areas of biotechnology viz. health science, agricultural science, veterinary science, pharmaceutical science, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, food and nutrition, health care including alternative medicine, nanotechnology and environmental biotechnology, through joint venture, between two or more institutes, where one of the institute is from North East India.

This collaboration is expected to play a crucial role in upgrading the skills of R&D activities of scientists working in NER. So far, around 300 proposals have been supported during last three years in the following areas.

  • Environmental Biotechnology: 108
  • Animal and Aquaculture Biotechnology : 36 proposals
  • Agriculture Biotechnology in Allied Areas: 47 proposals
  • Medicinal Aromatic Plants: 57 proposals
  • Environmental Biotechnology: 27 proposals