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Human Resource Development

The following activities were initiated towards Human Resource Development in NER.

Overseas Fellowship/Associateship for NER scientists

This special programme was developed and initiated in the year 2010-11 for the early and mid-career Scientists holding permanent positions in NE region conducting research to generate human resource trained in cutting edge areas of biotechnology. The Overseas Fellowship is awarded for both short (3 & 6 months) and long (1 year) term period. So far, nearly 100 scientists have been awarded the Biotechnology Overseas Associateship (BOA), enabling them to be trained at established institutions in different foreign countries including USA, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany and France.

Award of Biotechnology National Associateship to Scientists working in North Eastern States

A special National Associateship Programme for training, both for short -term and long-term, has been initiated for conducting research or receiving training in the reputed National Institutions/research laboratories in different areas of biotechnology such as (i) agriculture, food and feed biotechnology; (ii) animal biotechnology; (iii) aquaculture and marine biotechnology; (iv) food and nutrition; (v) environmental biotechnology (vi) industrial biotechnology: materials biotechnology, reaction and process design; (vii) medical biotechnology; (viii) Nano -biotechnology and bioengineering; (ix) bioinformatics and IT-enabled biotechnology; (x) intellectual property and patent law.

During the year (2012-2013), the fellowship has been awarded to 11 candidates for 2 long term training (I year) while 9 were approved for short term period.

Entrepreneurship Development in NER

During the past years, DBT had entrusted Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) to organize a series of Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP) in NER. As a follow up of these programme, the Department has sanctioned a project to BCIL for handholding the budding entrepreneurs and assisting them in establishment of a successful enterprise in NER.

A training programme on entrepreneurship development for production of superior quality planting material using in vitro technology in Northeast India has been organised in The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), Guwahati.

This programme is aimed at enhancing the technical capability of the entrepreneurs and scientists researching/ engaged in mass production of tissue cultured plants and appraising them about the current development in this field.

MD/MS thesis grants

Research grant to support MD/MS thesis to PG students of Medical colleges/institutes of NER of India was initiated in 2010 to support data collection, minor equipment, book and learning resource, manuscript writing and conference travel.

The main object of this programme is to fund MD/MS-thesis research in medical colleges wherein the research would involve working on valid scientific hypothesis using modern biology/molecular biology/biotechnological tools on various themes dealing with human health/infectious disease/chronic diseases.

So far, a total of 80 medical students have been supported during 2011-2013.

Star College Scheme

For strengthening of life science and biotechnology education and training at undergraduate level. It is expected that the scheme will improve critical thinking and ‘hands on’ experimental work In the cutting edge-technologies needed for modern biological studies at undergraduate (college) level in life sciences and more students will opt for life science as career.

  • So far 17 colleges of NER India are supported under this scheme.
Training programme on utilisation of biopesticides and biofertilisers in NE states

This aims at capacity building of local fields officials of different departments engaged in execution of organic farming and production & utilisation of agro-bio inputs in 8 NE states.

Training program on entrepreneurship development for production of superior quality planting material using in vitro technology

The idea is to enhance technical capability of entrepreneurs and scientist researching/engaged in mass production of tissue culture plants.