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Environmental Biotechnology
Like all countries of the South, India has a plethora of environmental problems: Timber loot and depletion of forests, and resultant biodiversity loss; mining, both legal and illegal; drying up water resources and hence loss of aquatic biodiversity as well as affecting farming; climate change-related crop pattern changes as well as disease pattern changes; waste as well as effluent management issues, and so forth. The aim of the Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Biotechnology programme is to solve environmental problems in a sustainable way through the use of biotechnology.
Since 1990, the DBT has been attending to these challenges with the main focus on
  • development of mitigation technologies for climate change
  • development of microbial technologies for environmental improvement
  • development of treatment process of industrial effluent
  • biorhttp://dbtindia.nic.intion of xenobiotic compounds
  • biodiversity conservation, and
  • characterisation of biodiversity.
Realising the tremendous potential of biotechnology to offer unique, efficient, eco-friendly and economically viable options for waste treatment in- situ and degradation of hazardous toxic waste into relatively less harmful or harmless by-products, the department has given a major thrust to various programmes.
Efforts have also been made to make enzymes with a variety of industrial uses that include the manufacture of bio-plastics and bio-fuels and using micro-organisms and plants for the treatment of wastes and abatement of pollution through bioremediation approach.
There have been significant successes in all these fields, as well as new priorities have emerged.

Contact address:

Divisional Head

Dr Mohammad Aslam
Scientist `G’/ Adviser

Programme Officer

Dr Onkar N Tiwari,
Scientist ‘E’ / Principal Scientific Officer (PSO)
Telephone: 011-49166740;
Email: onkar[dot]dbt[at]nic[dot]in