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Centres of Excellence (CoE)

Six Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology have been established as part of BTISnet.

These Centres are well equipped with State of Art Bioinformatics infrastructure to support research within the Institute as well as neighbouring institutions.

The focus of these centres is high quality research education and services.

The Bose Institute, Kolkata has been recognised as CoE for under taking research in the area of modelling of proteins structures and interaction; molecular interaction and docking; drug design; chromosomal dynamics; evolutionally systems biology; developing tools for analysing deep sequencing data.

The centre has developed 4 web servers focusing on the above mention areas: Proface, InteGeom, ConfPlot, ContPlot. The centre provides services in the area of genome/protein analysis, protein structure and drug designing.

The thrust areas for research for the CoE at IISc, Bangalore are systems biology, structural biology and bioinformatics, molecular design, molecular modelling, structural pharmacology and computational immunology. The centre has developed some software’s for structural biology (such as CSSP, MIPS, FAIR and SSMBS).

The centre supports Interactive graphics facilities. The centre is offering 3 PhD courses viz. Bioinformatics, computational approaches to drug discovery, chemoinformatics.

The research focus of the CoE at JNU, New Delhi is towards the application of computational biology in pathogenic diseases like Mycobacterium, Leishmani, Malaria, etc.

The centre has also signed MoU with Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore for academic and research collaboration. The main activity of the centre at MKU, Madurai focuses on research and providing services in the areas of structural bioinformatics, proteomics, creation of database, data mining, molecular modelling, dynamics and computer aided drug design.

The centre provides consultancy to the industry. Further, it also provides easy accessibility to databases and software tools, and also guidance for utilisation these tools to other academic institutions.

The CoE at Pune University focuses on genomics, protemics and phylogenetic analysis of infectious viruses such mumps, rhinovirus, Dengue etc. The centre has developed database for these viruses which include Viral protein structure database, Antigen-Antibody Interaction Database and Virgen.

Further, the centre have develop server for genotyping of mumps viruses, sub typing dengue viruses, and World’s first server for prediction antibody-binding sites of protein antigens.