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Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISNET)

The Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISNET) of the Department of Biotechnology is spread across the county with 168 centres.

The network centres are in various levels and include centres of excellence (CoE), distributed information centres (DIC), distributed information sub centres (Sub DIC) and bioinformatics infrastructure facilities (BIF).

The network houses the Supercomputer Facility for Bioinformatics and Interactive Graphics Facility.

Large numbers of R&D projects in bioinformatics are also being supported through this programme.

The network supports teaching programme in M.Sc, M.Tech and PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology to generate skilled manpower in Bioinformatics.

Further, the BTISnet centres are conducting short term trainings/ workshops for the benefit of research community including experimental biologists. These centres also provide services to the scientific community.

These activities are being coordinated by the Apex BTIC, which is located in the DBT head quarter.