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iBEC- Indian Biological Engineering Competition

Event Details

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This competition is to encourage and support student teams from India to participate in the world-wide synthetic biology competition, the iGEM [international Genetically Engineered Machine]

Competition details

  • Research Concepts invited to build genetically engineered systems using standard interchangeable parts (promoters, terminators, plasmid backbone, reporter elements etc.) and operate them in living system.
  • The cells so produced should exhibit novel and salient properties for potential applications.

Who can apply?
Undergraduate and postgraduate students teams (maximum 10) along with a mentor with credible experience in synthetic biology.

Selection criteria

  • Non-obviousness and potential applications emerging from the proposed concept of the engineered systems
  • Rational design of biological components that include construction of standard parts (DNA, RNA, Protein), devices (modules e.g. operon, transcription factor complex) and circuits (pathways/networks).
  • Standards molecular biology studies that do not map to the rational design approach will not be selected

Upto five selected teams will be supported to register their research idea for submission to the iGEM competition

Forms for submission is available at: PDF/ Doc
Last date for submission: February 25, 2017
The last date is extended upto 5th March, 2017

For further enquiries contact:
Dr Kalaivani Ganesan,
Scientist ‘D’,
Department of Biotwchnology